Jowers Vargas’s team is made up of the most entrepreneurial, creative, and innovative legal search professionals in the industry. We are a family of intrepid search professionals with a passion for challenging industry norms.

If you share our industry philosophy and have infused your recruiting practice with an adventurous growth mindset, we’d love to hear from you.

We’d be most interested to speak with experienced US-focused legal search professionals with an established niche (geographic, industry / practice group, or otherwise) who are seeking to level-up their practice and maximize their financial and professional potential.

We don’t care where you eat or sleep. Our team is strategically positioned across three different continents and several time zones, and as long as you’re in the geographic setup that enables you to do your best work, we can make that work!

In terms of compensation, the sky’s the limit – successful recruiters have been remunerated very generously on our platform, and you will get the support and guidance from our collaboration-oriented team to best underpin your growth efforts.

If you’re curious about bringing your practice to a premier search firm with international DNA, we can start the conversation by reaching out to our Head of Operations, Alexis Lamb, at [email protected].