WORK FROM THE MOUNTAINS – Tech-focused Boutique (4th-7th Year EC / VC Associate)

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If you consider yourself more entrepreneurial than the typical BigLaw associate, and also have at least 4 years of strong EC / VC experience, this role at an innovative, nimble, and remote-friendly boutique could be for you!

This firm routinely hires out of large BigLaw firms.  Firm management DOES NOT CARE if you work in the office 5 days a week or if you’re nestled in your cabin in the woods.  They have offices in Texas, New York, Boston, Seattle, and DC and would also be just as happy if you’re based near any of those locations.

Only restriction – you *cannot* be based (eating / sleeping) in California.

1700 hours will put you firmly on Partner track.

This firm is a breath of fresh air from the typical “BigLaw” path!

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